Biography DJ D-Fence

An explosive start is the least that can be said about D-Fence.

Discovered through his dynamic and hilarious viral edits of internet memes, songs such as ‘Krakaka’, ‘Pompen’ ‘Koekoekjongen’, ‘Biem’ & ‘Vol Gas Met Die Bass’ caused instant hype in the hardcore scene and on a mainstream level.

Moving on to make the act even more well-known, D-Fence released back-to-back hits like ‘Wall of Bass’, ‘Raggen’, the famous remix of ‘Pussy Motherfuckers’ by Endymion, ‘Virgin’, ‘COVID-19’ and the ‘Turbo Decade Mix’.

You either love it, or you hate it – there’s no in between, as D-Fence always pushes the limits of variation and impulsive sounds. From beginning as an internet meme sensation to melting faces at the world’s biggest festivals, D-Fence enhanced his career by fine-tuning his sound and delivering a wide arsenal of tracks. From harder records to flat commercial or melodic dominant tunes, D-Fence can master just about anything!

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