About D-Fence

Almost 10 Years ago!
D-Fence was discovered through his viral edits of internet memes. His songs such as Krakaka, Pompen, Koekoekjongen, Biem & Vol Gas Met Die Bass made an impact in the scene.
You either hate it or you love it was what it was then. D-Fence made a big step together with the legendary label Neophyte Records. Hits were created such as Wall of Bass, Raggen and not to forget the famous remix of Endymion: Pussy Motherfuckers. D-Fence has developed its recognizable sound over the years and has managed to create a number of hits including Virgin, Covid-19, Turbo Decade mix and many more.

Nowadays D-Fence stands for a variation between an energetic but also sometimes a serious side. He has managed to fine-tune his sound and delivers new songs with an innovative impulse.
Expect different influences in his tracks in the coming period that you will not forget.

Stick to one genre?
No idea, D-fence has its own style whether it is fast or slow. You will always recognize its sound.

Commercial or underground
There is no fixed side. What has become apparent is that D-Fence has built up a wide arsenal of tracks. One time it can become a hard raw record and the other time a flat commercial track or sometimes even a powerful melodic record.


D-Fence Holland

Some viral internet stuff is well known in the Netherlands. D-Fence Holland comes out once in a while with a special act where all kinds of viral internet memes are transformed into hardcore edits.

Are you curious when a special D-Fence Holland set will be released? Register here.